Online Church Membership


Why Internet Membership?

At Westernport First Assembly of God we believe in the importance of community!  We also realize that with the mobility of modern society, many of the people who attended our church have moved away because of employment or following a personal dream yet would like to maintain a relationship with their church.  We also recognize the powerful impact that internet ministry can have in our world today.  This is why we offer believers an opportunity to belong to our fellowship and participate in our ministry outreaches.  If you are interested in being an internet church member of Westernport First Assembly of God please keep reading.


You can expect to be kept informed and up to date on all the ministry developments happening in your church, i.e. the completion of our local outreach center called the G.A.M.E. Center.  You will have access to our prayer ministries to share any prayer needs you may have, knowing that people of faith will hold up your need in prayer.  You will  have opportunity to participate in ministry outreaches through financial giving as well as through actual hands on ministry if you are in the area at the time of the outreach.


The church asks for your financial and prayer support.  We ask that you support your church with prayer as needs are made known to you through email or website updates.  We also ask that you support the ministries financially.  As an internet church member of Westernport First Assembly your tithing will be instrumental in helping the church fulfill it’s call to evangelize the world. It will also open up the opportunity for you to receive God’s blessings in your life through your obedience to His word concerning tithing.

How to become a member…

First we want to get to know you and answer any questions you may have.  We have a form for that! Send us a message through our “Contact Us” tab and request the forms for Online Church Membership.  Please fill out the “Who I Am” form and either email it or send it to the church through the United States Postal Service.

Second we want you to understand what our statements of faith are so that we can walk hand in hand with each other without stumbling over doctrinal issues. To accomplish this, please check the box and sign the agreement of faith and submit it to the church. (This is on the same form)

Third, please fill out the church membership application.

That’s it!!! We will review the submitted information and get back to you ASAP.